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The Criterion Vine Of Living Art

What can you share in six seconds?

For the uninitiated, Criterion is an incredible video distribution company that specializes in the sale of home-video releases of important classic and contemporary films. And the astounding level of creativity coming out of the Criterion community always fascinates me. The dedication people have for the films of the collection is absolutely wonderful. I think the reason Criterion has been able to sustain such a passionate community is due to their ardent reverence for the history of film and in their unwavering engagement with their audience. 

Inspired by similar promotions Criterion has put together for their community in the past, I decided to push this project into the world of moving pictures.

Using the social media application, Vine, I wanted to pay honor to Criterion and the essential films in their collection, in turn yearning to become an active participant in the legacy of filmmaking. I challenged my production team and myself to recreate pieces of the acclaimed Criterion cover art as a six second, in-motion videos.

The three films I chose (from top to bottom) are Terence Malick’s BadlandsCharlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, and Robert Bresson’s A Man Escaped. I tried to use cover art that would be unique from one another, all reflecting different styles of filmmaking. Note the camera movement of the Badlands clip, the animation of the Modern Times clip, and the minimalism and use of off-screen sound of the A Man Escaped clip. (Another Note: Please be sure to turn the sound button on in the top left corner. All videos have sound.)

Also, fun fact, I shot these a little over a month before Instagram Video came out. While that application provides filters, Vine does not. So all black and white imagery you see was accomplished through makeup, costume, and art direction. 

Special thanks to Tim Wu, Raquel Cedar, Lauren Conoscenti, Natasha Kermani, Alex Chinnici, Kurt Peloquin, Sam Caust, and Sam Ellner.

Are they all perfect? Of course not. But it was a fun experiment nonetheless and one I could not be happier to share with all of you.

Methods of storytelling are ever evolving. But, hopefully, these six-second pieces will be a reminder of the wonder and transcendence that film can provide. The cinema has inspired me my entire life. It is our grand shared experience that brings us all together.

Hope You Enjoy!

— Zachary Goldberg

P.S. If anyone would like to give it a go in creating their own piece of Criterion Vine Of Living Art, I would love to feature them on this blog! Shoot me an e-mail at or shoot me a tweet @zachgoldberg with anything you come up with or if you just want to share some thoughts. Happy movie making!

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